Review from Sarah in New Haven

June 23, 2009 - Leave a Response

Rob is everything you want in a computer repair guy. He was prompt, friendly and eager to help me solve my various computing issues (my laptop’s slow hard drive performance; my difficulty in synching my contacts with my iphone; my questions about purchasing a new computer). I highly recommend Rob, especially if you consider yourself a bit of a technophobe. He explains things clearly, and without condescension. Thanks Rob!

Sarah Aldrich


Review from Bruce in New Haven

June 15, 2009 - Leave a Response

I found Rob from a downtown posted flier. It caught my eye since my five-year old desk top was getting slower and slower, prey to pop-ups for security offers; boot up time had become staggering–and I was wondering if it was time to dump my gear and start over. I phoned Rob who made a house call the next day for an agreed (reasonable) fee. But when he didn’t get immediate results while sitting at my home desk. he asked if he could service my computer in his office over the weekend–beyond the call of duty in my book. My unit is back in my office today on time: its been cleaned, memory enlarged, software inventoried and serviced, boot up time is now back to the old days–it’s like I have a new computer. I will take his offer to answer my future questions on line or by phone seriously. I am a very satisfied client. Thank you Rob.

To my clients

June 5, 2009 - Leave a Response

Hi and thank you for taking a look at my little website. You are probably here because you saw my ad on craigslist or you saw
one of my fliers. I’d like to tell you a little bit about myself. I have been fascinated with computers ever since I was very young. Since then I have honed my troubleshooting skills to be able to provide you with support. Whats the point of having a computer if it won’t do what you want, right?

I have been employed providing technical solutions in various roles for a number of years. I’ve built networks, done helpdesk, tier 1 and 2 tech support, done hardware and software upgrades of all kinds. I enjoy figuring out what’s wrong with technology and resolving the issue. I enjoy even more the satisfied look on my customers faces when I provide solutions to them.

When things don’t work right I have to know why. That’s why I do this. I can provide PC and Mac support, big or small jobs. My services include; virus removal, tutoring, internet connection setup and repair, firewall setup, web page design and implementation, hardware configuration and more.

If you have a computer issue, I can resolve it. My clients include small business owners, lawyers, entrepreneurs, students, moms, musicians,…people from all walks of life trust me to help them. I work on home systems and business machines; whatever you need. Please see some reviews of my work below. Call me at 203-933-4545.

Review from Sarah in New Haven

May 27, 2009 - Leave a Response

(Sarah has an Ibook G4 that was in need of routine maintenance.)

I saw one of Rob’s ads downtown and needed help getting Quicken to launch. I use it to run my Pilates studio. I have important business info on there including my client’s list and schedule. I called Rob on the 14th and he was able to make a next day appointment. He came by promptly in the morning and we discussed my issues. He got Quicken working and was able to retrieve all my vital client info. In a little over an hour Rob had my system running faster than it has in a long time. He also helped me organize my music collection and clear up a ton of space on my harddrive. I would definitely recommend Rob to anyone looking for fast friendly service.

What I offer…

May 18, 2009 - Leave a Response

Clipart Logo

I offer professional support and consulting for home and office computers as well as networking design and implementation. I also will help you or your company connect to the internet, perform backups, increase the speed of your computer, remove viruses and spyware, get old computers working again, replace hardware, and much more.

Review from Lou in New Haven

May 10, 2009 - Leave a Response

(Lou is an author living in New Haven)

I’m a writer and I need my printer. It’s essential. Well on Friday my printer was down so I needed help fast. I called Rob and he picked up the phone. He came to my place promptly the next day. It took him less then 10 minutes to fix my problem. He was polite, personable and best of all cheap. He even wrote out instructions for me so that I don’t encounter this same problem in the future. Who does that? I’d recommend him over the expensive Geek Squad or Nerds to Go services anyday! He is an individual with the years of experience to fix anything you’re gonna need.

Review from Kevin M in West Haven

May 10, 2009 - Leave a Response

(Kevin had a laptop that wouldn’t power up.)

I saw Rob’s ad at the Stop & Shop in West Haven and I called him that Sunday. He picked right up, I told him about my Compaq Presario F500 and that it wouldn’t turn on anymore. Rob setup an appointment for me the following day. I dropped the machine off so he could check it out. I got it back very quickly and it works as good as new. Rob was very friendly and professional when I met him and he was happy to answer all my questions. The best part was the price, Rob is very fair. He even called me a few days later to make sure everything is working and that I was pleased with the job he did. I am. In fact I was so happy that I brought him back my desktop that I’ve been having trouble with when I came to pickup the laptop. He knows his stuff, give him a call if you want an expert who will treat you right.

Review from Ryan

May 3, 2009 - Leave a Response

(Ryan is a student in New Haven who had a serious computer crash.)

Professional. Fast. Resourceful. I was experiencing problems where my computer wouldn’t boot up properly. Rob took every step possible in order to get it back to the way I desired. Even after the job was done he was very helpful via cellphone and made sure I was happy with his service. I highly recommend his services and expertise.

PC Service

January 5, 2009 - One Response

Contact me for Service of your PC.

I do installs, upgrades, internet / wireless troubleshooting, whatever you may need,….don’t hesitate to contact me about your support requirements.

Review from Danny

January 5, 2009 - Leave a Response

I recently bought a new desktop system Pc and monitor from Dell ,I bought one of the high end units the XPS line so as I am not very pc wise. I needed someone to transfer all of my files etc and set up the whole system so I checked online to try to find a reasonably priced technician I also checked Best buy and Circuit city ,forget it they want to charge for every movement they make.I finally found Robs pc shop on Craigs list, this guy is the real thing and he really knows his stuff ,and best of all he is very reasonable .Rob set up my whole system in a couple of hours and even offered to hook up hdmi to my new Tv but I did not have the cable he said if I decided later he would hook it up for me no charge.if you want the best for less give Rob a call .Daniel Brogan Stratford ct.